Sites with Great InSight…

I’m often asked which websites I hit or which are my favorites, and over time the following sites emerged as the “winners.” If you are a beginner/intermediate/advanced shooter I highly recommend you click through each of these daily. Like going to Starbucks or DD and getting your coffee fix, visiting these should become second nature when you log in. Photography and Photoshop help, tips, information. Pretty much an all around learning site that i find helpful stuff re: everything photography.

2. One of my “fav” photogs in the world, I’ve had the privalege of attending 2 workshops that Joe taught. His sense of humor alone is worth the trip.  Read his blog and laugh out loud.

3. David hobby is amazing, I’m thining he could light Radio City Music Hall with pretty much one flash. I’m finally beginning to get over my fear of flash with his help.

4. Focused on HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, Trey’s work is stunning, simply stunning, and he has an incredible HDR tutorial here. Check it out, and try this technique, some great images will occur.

5. Landscape and wildlife photography at its best. Moose also is the host of the DLWS workshops (I attended the Redwood Forest one last May which can be seen on my site by clicking portfolio/places/west coast)

Those are the sites that work for me… have any to add?


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