What’s Behind This Door?

Private Door

This shot reminds me of this blog. Wonder what’s behind it? Wonder where it leads? Wonder what happens if I grab that handle and push… or what the owner of the key might say to me if I did just that.

Not sure about this blog. I post a picture of the day on Facebook, and already feel that’s a bit daunting to keep up. Figure I’ll do a full 365 days, and then call it quits. But thought I’d try my hand at blogging, not sure I have a lot to say , but hopefully over time, this becomes a bit easier.

The image above was taken on vacation in the Bahamas~ Atlantis specifically. Was almost an afterthought, was looking for shots with classic Caribbean colors. Something bold… something with ‘pop.’ Walked by this, stopped, I think it was the cutout sun “design” that first caught my eye, and then the awesome blue of the door. Raised camera, snapped, kept walking.

Took it months ago, and forgot about it until I stumbled on it today. Pulled it up, looked at it, brought it into photoshop and added some actions and filters using:

  • Color Efex Pro: Darken/Lighten Center, Tonal Contrast (use this one a lot but sparingly, too much and you go all HDR on the viewer)
  • Pioneer Woman’s Action: Boost (a free action that REALLY pops color nicely, adjust the opacity a bit as it can almost be too much)

That was about it. Must say, looks great printed BIG (Epson R2400).

Sometimes its really nice to look through old photos, one’s you may have forgotten you took and find a diamond in the rough, like the one above ~ Simple, straightforward, but as it rolled off the printer, I couldn’t stop looking at the vibrant colors and the ‘Private’ sign and  wondering… What was behind that door?

..And I thought to myself, some questions are better left unanswered…


One Response to “What’s Behind This Door?”

  1. Love this photo! Doors make great photo subjects. Good luck – keep klickin’

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