About this Image… Monks at the Seaport

Monks at South Street Seaport

Monks at South Street Seaport

This shot was taken in lower manhattan at the south street seaport. Amazing place to people watch. Never, ever disappoints~ and in this instance two monks happen to walk by, dressed in their traditional orange garbs (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke…”So two monks walk into the seaport and…”). Waited until they were a little ways ahead to give depth of field on the dock. I did worry about the sun contrast vs the shade they were walking in (which happened to be there thanks to the elevated FDR Highway), but figured the sun ‘blowing out’ the front portion of the photo would be ok and recoverable in Lightroom (which it was).

Photo was taken with a Nikon D3, 70-200mm VR lens at f4.0: ISO 400: 1/2000 sec

In Lightroom: Brought recovery up to about 70%, used color sliders to “pop” the orange and yellow a little bit, but not much. Exported to Photoshop

In Photoshop: Ran an action called “Boost” (see pioneerwoman.com for her set of actions- FREE!!!), slid the opacity down to about 20% (too much and it oversatuates everything- have to go easy on these color boosters, they can really wack out your image quickly). Added a little Color Efex 3 Tonal Contrast as a brush over the dock, the monks garbs and the crowd on the left. Must tell you, I LOVE this effect, especially when you just brush it on a photo- VERY lightly to give local “intensity,” really can make an image a “WOWER”, without overpowering it. final step, as always I sharpened the image using Kubota’s “Magic Sharp”, again check at 100%~ sometimes I have to undo and use his “Clarify Medium” as this sharpening action can create jagged edges in the image, but in most images it works wonders to crispen and sharpen.

That’s it. Never been a big “street shooter”, but I really like this image. Has that whole culture clash, melting pot… NYC feel about it, which after-all, makes NYC so worthwhile to shoot in.

“…So two monks walk into…” đŸ™‚


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