Outer Banks Bound!

Lights Last KissMoose Peterson’s DLWS Outerbanks kicks off this weekend, and I’m stoked to be attending. This will be my second such workshop with the DLWS staff and I hope to be returning with a bit more teeth cut, and experience under my belt. Already the shoot list is building in my mind…

1. obviously lighthouses (hopefully a few with a different, more dramatic style to them then the normal ‘snapshots’ you see)- always liked those pictures pointing down at the winding steps of a lighthouse, when done right, can look almost 3 dimensional
2. sunsets and sunrises. Caught a few beauties when I was out West at the Redwoods (thats the image at left) , hoping to get an equivalent East Coaster to boot
3. heard about the wild horses of Corolla~ not sure how wild they really are anymore, not sure we’ll make it there to shoot them, but would be neat
4. local flavor, including (but not limited to as the lawyers like to say): architecture (churches, historical buildings), color, shapes, odds-n-ends
5. beaches, dunes, waves, surf… maybe some motions studies (where you pan your camera with a slow shutter speed, very random effects)
6. wildlife, not sure about this one, but will see, understand there are some great marshes for birds

7. the unexpected… can’t plan for it, have to leave your mind and eyes open for it, the few images that just slam you between the eyes and say “Take me, I’m Yours!” they typically make the best of the bunch. Hoping for a few of those that really “pop.”

Wheels up at 10:30am TOMORROW… Can’t wait to share some shots!


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