The Thing About Photography

Joe Dimaggio NYC It’s been about a year that I started to get really serious about taking photographs. While I tinkered a bit in the past, I finally hunkered down and decided to pursue this art, and see where it would take me. 365 days ago I was walking through the Great Redwood forests, planting my feet in the Pacific Ocean, and learning about f-stops, shutter speeds and light at my first photoworkshop.

During that time I’ve taken more workshops, gone out on my own, chased my family~ including my poor dog Mocha, around the house with a camera and lens affixed to my face, all with the intention of creating the ‘perfect image.’

The one thing that I’ve learned during this time is that photographers as a bunch are really terrific. I’ve never met a group of people, collectively, that are so willing to share what they know and “pay-it-forward.” Ask a question, get an answer~ ask another, get another. There never seems an end to the patience and knowledge sharing I’ve been privileged to experience, and as I grow and meander down this path, I now find myself in a position to share what I’ve learned with those who are following in that journey of discovery. It’s an awesome interaction, and I truly appreciate the guidance and insight thats been offered and shared with me by those I’ve met.

So if you are just starting out, find yourself some mentors-attend a workshop, and ask questions, I can guarantee that you will be shocked by how willingly people give of themselves to help you improve and grow as an artist.

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