Outer Banks Day 1

Bodie Lighthouse~ Outer BanksSo landed in Norfolk, after a layover in Baltimore, and drove a little over an hour to the Outer Banks. Checked in, and headed out again.  Took Route 12 south, not really sure of where I was going or where I might end up. I assumed I’d see one of the famous lighthouses down here, and sure enough… ran into one. The Bodie Lighthouse is 156 feet tall and its lantern can be seen for 19 miles… based on what I’ve read so far, seems to have a very storied history~ Confederate army feared the advancing Union army might use the lighthouse so they destroyed it… And it rose from those ashes to be photographed by me today 🙂

Rain fell on and off… Kept looking at the camera wondering if that weatherproofing Nikon talks about REALLY does work. Since it drizzled a bit, and I had come all this way, felt it was only appropriate to walk away with a few frames. 

I’ve been experimenting a bit with HDR (High Dynamic Range) shots. Setting the exposure bracketing to 5 frames at 1EV apart, I snapped the image at left. Merged them using Photomatix and then brought them into CS3 for some final touches.

A lot more to explore here the next few days… but I think as a warm up, this one serves pretty nicely. Enjoy it.

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