Outer Banks Day 2 – “Chasing History”

Wright Brothers MonumentLast week was Ellis Island… this week is Kitty Hawk, and the incredibly awesome history that happened here. Not sure if I am chasing history, or if history is chasing me.  But it’s tough to stand in these spots and not think of the days that came before me.

Orville & Wilbur. We take what they accomplished for granted now, but in 1903, folks who spoke of flying were seen as “wackjobs” (and thats putting it lightly). They invented the “three axis control” which allows a pilot to steer a plane without crashing. Amazing stuff. And I stood where they did. Where their initial flight of 12 seconds covering 120 feet at 6.8 mph changed the world. Did I say amazing stuff already? Because I feel the need to say it again. 

It’s an impressive monument in Kitty Hawk, 60 feet of chiseled granite on top of Kill Devil Hill… But if you look closely at the top of the picture, to the left of the monument, thats a contrail left behind by a high flying aircraft.  What better testament to the Wright Brothers 100 plus years later than to have a routine aircraft leave a plume of ice crystals in its wake high, high in the sky…

Amazing Stuff. 


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