Outer Banks Day 4- Tornado Warnings

Approaching Storm So last night we were supposed to head to Jockey Ridge, with its towering sand dunes. But Mother Nature threw us a curveball. Tornado warnings, thunderstorms, and lots of rain greeted us as we pulled in the parking lot.  After the group ‘hug’ we returned to our cars to wait out the storm, but in the end, it decided not to wait us out… it continued to rain and rain, with intermittent flashes of lighting to add some drama to a not so friendly sky. Joe Mcnally, being Joe McNally, decided to pull us all under an overhang and demonstrate, like only he can, the incredible range of his Speedlights. Using a Lastolite Ezybox, 1 SB-900 and a model comfortable getting wet, he lead us through an impromptou on location shoot.   Awesome as always.

We broke up as the storm continued to run its course. As luck would have it as the storm winded down, cracks of light began to appear in the sky… as a photographer, thats a good sign.  Four of us headed up to Duck (not the animal, or the verb, but a town) to see what we could find, AND FIND WE DID... An amazing place to shoot the “bayside” sunset~ of course, right behind a little shopping mall (only in America!). The images are amazing (just posted one to Facebook moments ago), was up real late going through them, and now jumping in the shower for a 5:15am departure. Shooting the Wanchese Harbor this morning… 

By the way… the image above is the ‘incoming storm’ taken from the Kitty Hawk Pier… some pretty nasty clouds, eh?



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