Outer Banks Ends :-(

I LUV Southwest Airlines :-) Recognize this scene? I’ve avoided Coca~Cola now for some time, but after a sleep deprived week of up at “O’DARK THIRTY” and hitting the pillow close to or after midnight, I needed one. And I needed to take a picture of it so I will remember how it tastes… hee hee hee.

Was a great week of chasing light, and trying to improve my photography. When I get home I’ll back up over 30 Gig of images and start to print the one’s I’ve “finished” in CS3. Love some of the shots of the Bodie Lighthouse, the Harbor scenes, and a “lucky spot” along the shores of Duck after a rainout in Jockey Ridge (which was a good thing- I walked the area on Saturday and really wasn’t feeling anything about the place that I liked.)

Always a great benefit of a photo workshop is the people you meet and the friends you make.  I still stay in contact with folks from DLWS Redwoods over a year ago. And I met a bunch of great guys this time as well. Scott, John, John, and Robert ~ hope our paths cross again at another event in the future and we get to shoot some great landscapes~ the rides in the car to and from the locations were great.

If you haven’t taken a workshop- try one, really, register through Adorama in NYc, DLWS, Santa Fe or a local photo store (Berger Bros on Long Island also has them, thats how I got to shoot the Lakota Wolves in NJ).

Check out my website for the latest image postings- Enjoy!


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