Topaz Adjust

wanchese-harborThis shot of of Wanchese harbor in the Outer Banks was finished using Topaz Adjust, a plug-in filter for Photoshop.  I read about Topaz on stuckincustoms, Trey did a review of the app and I liked what it could do to an image~ especially the ability to make a single image a bit more like an “HDR” image.

I think the HDR “look” as it were, can be very overdone, and at times, might be an excuse to make a bad image in the first place.  But I do like the soft painterly effect of the colors and I believe it can add something special to an already decent image. You decide, as you look at the image above…

I especially like how the clouds are treated (also finished this using a Split Grad filter in Nik to darken just a little bit, the upper level of the clouds), they feel ‘fluffy’ and have that look of sullen rain clouds, about to dump their water at any minute.  Also like the rippling reflections on the H20, adds another dimension to the image’s feel…


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