Chasing Clouds

Pier at Sunset~ OuterbanksI’ve learned that the best way to add drama to an image is to add clouds. Seems obvious, but I’ve been looking at photos a lot lately… around the web, Barnes & Noble photography section, photo magazines… and the one theme that tends to make images pop (at least for me) is great clouds. Angry clouds that look like they are about to drub you, or, after a storm clouds like the one above that are rich in texture and color, and just “WOW”.

So lesson to be learned. Find clouds. Seek them out. Incorporate them. Big and fluffy, or thin and wispy and ‘raking’ the sky… they add drama, color and romance to an image.

In other news: My DROBO arrived. CANNOT tell you enough to back up our stuff. Period. One hard drive failure and well, you could be in a world of hurt, or at least out some coin trying to <hopefully> recover a crashed drive. I think we as photogs take it for granted that it can’t happen to “us” ~ we’ll I’ve read and heard enough horror stories to spend the  money and sleep soundly at night as my Drobo backs up all my 20,000 plus pictures. More on the little machine later…


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