Did You Take a Picture Today?

Aidan Race Cars Technically speaking this is not a very good picture. But the story behind it, for me anyway, makes it a favorite of mine.

…Was setting up for an impromptou shoot of my 2 boys- umbrellas, and SB-900’s to make a nice portrait of them sitting on that chair in the middle of the photo.

But my son Aidan had another idea. As I worked to set the lights, he worked to find his race cars.. in his little voice he asked, ‘Dad, can you take a picture of my race cars?” (Big tear drop shaped brown eyes staring up at you… for added effect, raise your voice at the end of the sentence, he does that a lot for emphasis when he asks a question)

This shot was taken months ago.  Found it by accident going through some old Lightroom folders.

Another moment I probably would have never recalled had I not captured it with my camera.  I love the look on his face staring at his cars. Making sure they look good for their “photoshoot.” In his world, these cars are the memory he wanted captured.  In mine, it’s him caught in the flavor of that day and the importance of those cars.

Did you take a picture today?


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