Sports Photography

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My 6 year old Tristan had a Mini-Cup Soccer Tournament yesterday- went 6-1 to get to the final game, which they fought super hard to win, but lost 4-1. Very proud of all the kids involved. They really pushed themselves and played well as a team.

The fun part of course is snapping a couple hundred pictures of them grinding away and sweating and running, running and RUNNING (having turned 40 recently, I marvel at the energy levels… ohh to have 10 percent of what they have :-).

Uploaded 53 images to Animoto, picked some upbeat music, let it churn and the result is above. Enjoy it!


One Response to “Sports Photography”

  1. Love it! as always, nice job, joey!
    Send daddy an e-mail with your blog website on it… i will save it as a bookmark for him so he can check it daily.


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