Photowalking: Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around…

The fun thing about “Photowalking” is your never really sure what you might end up shooting. I have found it best to let your mind be open to possibilities, look at things in a fresh way, and see an image you might not have before… And invariably, it seems the shot that you might not have taken because it’s the end of the walk, your camera is snug and safe in its bag and you are walking back to your car, might turn out to be something worth keeping.

Not sure what it was about the barrels I liked, maybe the painted blue and white letters, maybe the patina of the wood or the neatness of the dollars and cents.

I ‘Dunno. But I liked it. Stopped, unpacked the camera, snapped this picture, packed everything back up and kept walking to the parking lot on Wall Street.

Reviewed the images taken that day over the course of a few weeks~ some great shots of iconic New York- the  Statue of Liberty, the downtown NYC skyline, Ellis Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge… and then there are these 2 barrels with neat printing against a grate. Something about them, made me stop… Glad I did.

Quick Photowalk Update: Signed up for a 6/7/09 Photowalk of Lower Manhattan, and DUMBO (Brooklyn) ending in a shoot in the famous Gleason’s Gym. My photog buddy Brian Struble did this once before and shared some images he took of the boxers… great stuff, can’t wait!

Lemonade Iced Tea Barrels


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