Into the Wind

Weather VaneAlways been fascinated by weather vanes, the more ornamental the better. Found this “Duck Vane” in the Town of Duck… behind a little strip mall (of all places). Storm had just passed, wind was blowing, clouds were glowing, really just perfect time to have a camera in hand.

I love the ornateness of his feathers… his builder was a person that was very attentive to detail.

Did you know… the first weather vane was thought to be a bronze structure erected by a Greek astronomer atop the Tower of the Winds (great name!)  in Athens, in 48 BC. The vane was shaped in the form of the Greek god Triton.

Later on around 9 AD, the Pope declared that all Church’s should be adorned with a “cockerel” a symbol to remind people of Peter’s betrayal. They weren’t intended to be weather related, but being situated atop tall steeples led to the natural evolution into weather vanes.

Later as vane history unfolded, none other than George Washington commissioned one in the shape of a “Peace Dove” and had it placed atop his home in Mount Vernon. Paul Revere and Thomas Jefferson were also weather vane fans (who knew?).

The world’s largest vane is located on White Lake in Michigan, it stands 48 feet tall and has a 26 foot arrow that points into the direction of the wind.

One final tidbit to remember… if the vane is pointing “S” for South, the wind is coming from the South- the arrow points into the wind.

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