The Color of Light

As a photographer you always seem to be chasing the “Light.”

Not just light but, the right kind of light.  The light that adds color, texture and emotion to an image. The light that makes people go “WOW!”. The type of light that you can almost touch with your fingers and feel with your heart. I like to refer to it as “Pixie Dust Light”, because when it happens, well, it’s sorta like pixie dust (or how pixie dust would be, if I actually ever felt it…).

When that kind of light happens, and camera is in hand, point and shoot. Worry about your composition, and your F-stops a little bit less. It’s a visual blessing to be in that type of moment, in that kind of light. Savor it. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Be humbled by it, and be thankful to have been standing where you were when it revealed itself.

Remember… chasing the right kind of light is why you take photographs to begin with… its worth getting up early, driving through the rain, and climbing terribly unforgiving terrain. Your reward for your perseverance will not disappoint you… and the people who glimpse your images of such a scene, will wish with all their hearts they had been their too… Magic Light


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