I Think God Listens to 6 Year Olds…

Last night my son and I watched the weather report for today. Significant chance of precipitation during the day, and high probability of a passing thunderstorm. Not so good for the airshow at Jones Beach.

“What can we do?” Tristan asked me.

“I guess we pray…” I answered, not very optimistically, as my eyes were glued to the Doppler 12,000 on some news channel.

And pray he did. Last thing Tristan said to me before he went to bed was he had said a prayer that the weather would be nice and the Thunderbirds would fly.

I think God does listen to 6 year olds. Or at least he does after making us sweat it out for a bit. Day dawned grey with a passing rumble, got to the beach and was rewarded with a huge bank of fog that made the Jones Beach Spire disappear. I was about to pack it in when the sun started burning it off~ still no planes. The announcer told us that many of the planes have little instrumentation and that the pilots need to navigate based on the horizon. A visible horizon, which for most of the morning was, well, invisible. By about 1:00 pm, the horizon made an appearance and the planes took to the air.

I’ll post some of me best over the course of this week… and some of my missed opportunities~ Like the F-18A Super Hornet going Supersonic – HUGE VAPOR CLOUDS, but I was busy on my cell, and got my camera locked to slowly. I did get a great picture of the event from the plane’s tail perspective (very upset at this one, was a million dollar image… BLOWN!).

But like all things there are golden nuggets that keep you coming back. The ThunderBirds leapt to the air and the photo opp’s were abundant so long as you shot into the eastern sky… the west was all pea-soup and haziness. So about half the images popped off the page~ like the one below, which may be one of my favorites from the day… Enjoy!

BTW: This is the first image I’ve printed using NIK’s Sharpener Pro 3.0, Kinda amazing the detail it brings out in prints… can’t wait to play with this software more.

Peeling Off the Diamond


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