The Shot That Almost Was…

So I am at the water’s edge at the Jones Beach Air Show watching this F18/A Super Hornet cruising up the beach. I can’t hear the announcer telling the crowd that its about to rev its engines and shoot to 610 mph. At that speed, the jet pushes the air and compresses it so quickly, it turns to water vapor and creates a wicked cool condensation cloud around the aircraft. I’ve seen this on YouTube, never thought I’d have the opportunity to actually take a picture of it… I had just called Kathy on my cell phone to see how the kids were enjoying the Hornet (they were strategically located at base camp, a bunch of umbrellas and coolers up the beach), phone back in holster, resume camera position, jet is heading my way not to quickly… when suddenly BLAM! Huge noise, jet accelerates and guess what, not expecting it, I jump, (scared the poop outta me) and then reacting put the D3 to my eye and start clicking… ended up with a nice shot of the F18/A’s butt.


I realized I had broken the 3rd rule of photography… 3. Pay Attention! (BTW, 1. is take the lens cap off, 2. “Zero” out your camera before shooting (check ISO, White Balance & Shooting Mode)).

I also realized that in my life there will be lots of shots I will miss. Can’t help that~ bad location, bad timing, bad light… This one hurt. A split second earlier, and I would have scored a killer shot, one to post and smile about. Instead I got “Jet-Butt” and pretty much useless pixels, except maybe it could be a lesson learned and shared… When camera is in hand, PAY ATTENTION!



3 Responses to “The Shot That Almost Was…”

  1. You almost got it, maybe you’ll get another try one day 😛

    Check it out. I’m posting a new blog post on the hour, every hour, for a year
    also check out my photoblog

  2. I’m sorry, but even your “mistakes” are beautiful!

  3. I know how you feel, every week!! I’ll be shooting my daughters soccer game and become a spectator instead of a photographer and miss capturing the goalies incredible save because I freeze to watch it instead of shooting it. Ugh!!!

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