Stalking Big Game

I’m not mot much of a wildlife photographer- my glass just ain’t big enough (Moose is out there shooting with 600-800mm lenses). But this guy was just too cute to not take a picture of! Tristan and I stalked him as if we were on the plains of Africa hot on the trail of Big Game. Sure enough, we waited a moment for him to get comfy and then q u i e t l y slid around the bushes and found him preening and cleaning his little paws… I imagine he just came from eating all the sunflower seeds Aidan planted earlier in the day 🙂


Shot with a Nikon D3, 70-200mm f2.8 @ f4, 1/60 sec. Finished in Lightroom (boosted blacks, increased contrast) and PS CS3 (NIK Darken Lighten Center).

Crazy Rabbit...

…Was busy this weekend shooting- had Tristan’s baseball and soccer games which I really enjoyed. The soccer team has come together and of course I was to “into” the game to shoot a goal that Tristan scored. Tough to be a Dad and photographer at the same time… being Dad ALWAYS wins.


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