New Twist on an Old Theme

Will be heading back to lower Manhattan on 6/7 for a photowalk of the cities ankles and feet (or lower part…). Always twists me up a bit… how to shoot something interesting of the same old icons. During the last photowalk I looked at the Brooklyn Bridge for a bit, hoping it would reveal something new. The light was pretty crappy, and the sky was pretty blue (also pretty crappy), so no moody lighting or great clouds to compliment the great bridge.

Walked until I was almost beneath the bridge when I noticed the lower decking that created the roadway the cars drove on. Thought it made for an interesting picture… so snapped it.

Brooklyn Bridge DeckingI have to hand it to Topaz Adjust (again!). Using its sliders I was able to bring a bit of detail out of the bridge without overblowing it ( I didn’t want this going the HDR route).  In addition, I enhanced the blue sky a bit in Lightroom (very straightforward, upped the Blue “Sat” slider a little bit, lowered the “Luminance” slider a touch to give the blue a richer feel.) That was about it for this image…

So, not sure its earth-shattering, but I think this image offers a different perspective of the bridge that differs from the millions of snapshots I’ve seen (usually the span across the river, which I too took :-))



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