Kelby’s Take on Topaz Adjust

If you haven’t already checked out Scott Kelby’s review of Topaz adjust, I would at He compares it against Lucis Pro another filter app that gives you that very saturated, very sharpened look; “HDR-ish” without the multiple frames, Photomatix ya-da-,ya-da-ya-da. Similar to Trey’s review of fame, he gave it a thumbs up. For $99 (the entire suite) I don’t think it can be beat. it can be overused (like anything else) but I think creatively it allows you to go in directions you may not have thought of originally exploring.

I do like his tip about copying a new layer, applying the filter, then reducing the opacity of the layer, or using a brush to “mask” in selective detail. I think this allows a greater degree of control of the effect applied

Another tip- watch the noise! This app tends to not only break pixels, it smashes em into atoms. I find myself running Noiseware or Define 2.0 (especially on skies, the clouds tend to pixelate quite a bit, which Define handles with grace and ease) after applying Topaz.

Hope it helps!


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