Greetings from DUMBO, Brooklyn ~ NYC!

So another Adoram Joe Dimaggio event ended a few hour ago. Really enjoyed this one, although, the weather once again was a bit hot and sweltering, and the skies were somewhat dull to shoot against. I pray one day I get some really awesome clouds over Manhattan (add that to the wish list). Nonetheless, some shots begged to be taken.

Started on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, headed over around 9:30am. Believe it or not that was the first time I’ve actually walked across that Bridge! As with most photowalks, met some terrific photographers who happen to be great people as well- even had an Aussie join us on this walk. Ended up on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, walking around DUMBO and snapping images of an old spice factory, a carousel, and the famous gym, Gleason’s. Haven’t had a chance to go through all the shots yet, but I was jazzed about shooting iin that famous gym, something about photographing boxing as a sport is really challenging (very low light, tight quarters, lightning speed… and don’t forget the intensity on the boxer’s faces… great stuff, and drama.)

Then back to the base of the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges and the parks that play between their landing spots. Shot there for awhile- full suspension of the Brooklyn Bridge in all its glory. Still amazed they were able to build that thing, walking across it, you can’t even fathom the technology of the time that allowed that bridge to become a reality.

So, today’s blog picture is dedicated to those that made it happen. Enjoy!

Brooklyn Bridge cables


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