Gleasons Gym

I played a lot of sports growing up, soccer, baseball, basketball and ice-hockey. Always had a fascination with boxing, but never tried it.

I’ve always been in awe of what must go through a boxer’s mind before a match. That primal urge to hit someone… And avoid being hit. I can’t think of  sport that has more at stake, and relies on a competitors innate ability to survive “the proverbial onslaught.” Boxer’s train with a fierce determination knowing that their skills, talent and above all, work ethic, will carry them through to victory.

All of the above raced through my mind as we entered Gleason’s Gym. Like the Brooklyn Bridge, and Statue of Liberty, it is in its own right an American icon, where champions of the sport and common folk have come to train with the best. Walking through the front door, its apparent that this is no “Bally’s Fitness,” rather, it feels like a gym should. Equipment strewn around, lights embedded in the ceiling and burning bare, weights strewn about the floor and boxing rings and equipment in its center area.

The place is steeped in history. The titans of the sport are all there, and you can almost feel the ghosts of boxers past shuffle toward the ropes. Old photos of celebrities, boxers, and olympic champs adorn the walls throughout the gym. You can feel and taste the sweat…

I’ll be posting a bunch of pictures once I get through them. I’m thinking a few will be finished in Black & White, and grainy, as thats what the place conveys to you when you are there, walking around.. taking it all in. And others will be full blown color like the one below, capturing the spirit of the place… if that’s even possible. These two guys stepped into the  ring as friends, you could tell by the way they cajoled one another, but once the bell went off, the friendship temporarily disappeared, replaced instead by two fierce competitors that pitted Will against Will in an athletic performance that left me breathless.. Enjoy!

Squaring Off


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