Unexpected Guests…

I’m the first to admit, I am no Jasmine Star when it comes to Wedding photography…

It actually scares the bejeezus out of me thinking about photographing a wedding. Think about it, you get ONE day, you get ONE opportunity to capture critical shots under the watchful eye of a bride a groom and their entire families. A pro wedding photographer who has the right experience AND the right eye is worth their weight in gold in my opinion.

I do think its a really cool thing to share in a couple’s wedding day as a photographer. You are capturing images that will be in a family for many years to come… possibly hundreds with the technology of today.

So think of this poor couple who stumbled into a photowalking bee-hive of photographers in DUMBO last Sunday. it was like the paparazzi bubbled up from the man-hole covers and converged on them. Poor guys handled it with grace, even their photographer thought it was funny… at first… Then he gave us the “look” telling us, hey, trying to get paid here… so we disbanded like gourged beasts leaving nothing but the wedding dress carcass behind 🙂 We couldn’t help ourselves but shoot them, I mean how serendipitous of an event could you ask for… wedding couple, Manhattan bridge, Empire State Building in the distance and cobblestone streets… ingredients for a great photo capture recipe.

I didn’t get their names, and technically, I would have stopped down my EV a bit more as her upper dress is a bit blown out in my photo (should have checked my damn blinkies on my LCD!) but I do wish them a world of happiness together…



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  1. Nice… really nice…

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