Good Morning New York, New York

Work takes me to Las Vegas occasionally, and while there one of my favorite things to do is get up early and photograph this city coming to life. It’s about 6:00 local time, and the sun is just peeking over the distant eastern horizon. It’s also ironic to be from NY, and sit across from New York, New York and shoot the Statue of Liberty… especially after having been to the real Lady of the Harbor only a few weeks ago. 

Couple things about shooting Vegas. Street lights, electrical and telephone wires, and street signs are surely going to introduce themselves into your photographs. Unless you shoot very close and very wide, I personally have found its nearly impossible to remove these items from your field of view. I thought about spending a few hours removing the wires in this photo… NOT! I guess as an “environmental shot” they belong there, so while I believe the image would be better served without them artistically, environmentally though, they remain…

For you Canon shooters, this was shot with my old 40D, a great machine and workhorse, and while I love my D3, I do miss the “travel-size” footprint in my hand. 

As far as finishing in Post~ opened in Lightroom (straightened it a little bit, hey it was hand-held and 6am!!), exported to CS3, used Topaz Adjust (mostly played with the exposure and color tabs), brushed some NIK tonal contrast at 10% over the buildings (one of my favorite treatments on cityscapes, makes the buildings just a tad bit more “crisper”) and that’s about it… oh and a ran Kubota Action for the black border/white keyline (always forget that step 🙂


Good Morning New York, New York!


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