Snapped this shot the other day at a baseball field.

This is Aidan, my 3 year old. My Lego engineer, professional Bug Catcher, and true lover of ALL things cars and trucks.  He can bend over and push a dump truck for hours, even does the back-up “beep-beep-beep” warning. He is also notorious for giving prize hugs and kisses to family members and complete strangers, it’s earned him the nickname ‘My Sweetness.” And he’ll tell you he loves you to the moon, stars planet and Boston Market too (he loves to peel the green beans from BM in half and eat the beans whole).

The birth of Tristan almost 7 years ago landed me my first digital camera, a Sony, then shortly thereafter arrived a Canon Rebel. I’ve been through a Canon 20D, 40D and now a Nikon D3, and yet my boys always remain the primary focus of my lens and eye. Sweeping landscapes, great vistas, and even Manhattan is impressive, but they always bring me back to shooting… I see time pass before me quicker now, as they progress from infants to boys, to young men.

So while the prize hugs and kisses last, I make sure to capture these moments…

Aidan Truck

…So years from now I can remember the “beep-beep-beep” sound like it happened yesterday.

Big Hill


One Response to “Beep-Beep-Beep!”

  1. This is awesome and so well put. From the box of old black and whites in grandma’s attic to the digital pictures on a hard drive. All have captured memories to hopefully be shared and remembered years in the future.
    Great job Joe and I love your blog (even though you went to Nikon) Just kidding.

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