Payton is one of those kids that just gobbles up the camera, and the camera returns the favor. Cuteness is a poor adjective to describe her. I think there needs to be a word invented that multiplies cuteness by 100 or 1,000 times. This is a reminder that when photogenic kids are around that you need to be ready to shoot, for the unexpected, unposed moments become the best captures. In this instance Payton was making her way to a playset to camera left, I crouched started shooting when she noticed the lens, sure enough, like any high end model, hand goes on hip, head tilts and WHAM, great frame for the ages.

Not much to finish in post, this is essentially straight-out-of-camera (“SOOC”). Dropped a Darken/Lighten center using NIK, cleaned up a few crumbs (always a must with ANY kid photos) with the healing brush and clone stamp tool. Applied sharpener pro as the last step to make her “pop” a bit more… DONE. Payton


One Response to “Payton”

  1. She does look like she posed for you

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