Tiger in Our Midst

My good friend Richard got me a 2009 US Open practice round ticket for the price of a few pics 🙂

So up at 05:30 AM to head to Bethpage (first stop Starbucks of course) and the famous Black Course… this is the second US Open to be held this decade at the Black. It’s a wicked tough course with plenty of long drives, sandy harbors, and lots~n~lots of rough (which with all the rain should be labeled “muck” 🙂

We arrived and promptly looked confused. But that’s par for the course… Not really sure where to go or what to shoot since I’ve never been on a golf course with a D3 in hand.. and no golfers in sight. Was a bit strange, but we finally meandered over to 15 where we parked ourselves along the rope-line and waited…and waited… until finally Tiger walks by, heads up to the tee and a throng of fans flow around us.

While I played golf ‘recreationally’ (read that as throwing clubs across the greens) growing up, I was never a rabid fan like Rich or my brother Jimmy. But I will admit, it was a thrill watching Tiger swing- you can see why he is the best… possibly ever, at this game.Tiger Teeing Off

Tiger Woods at Bethpage


One Response to “Tiger in Our Midst”

  1. Joseph,

    It takes a passionate golfer to be friends with the passionate photographer to get photo’s like that. The Tee Shot picture is amazing! Great composition, great contrast, a perfect expression on Tiger’s face. Was that on 15 or 16? Great time today, my boys were bouncing off the wall on seeing all the great golfers. I learned alot about these professionals today (they were outstanding to the kids). We’ll have to play a round at Bethpage this fall. I’ll bring my clubs, you bring your camera. I’m sure it will be a great time……

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