Tiger on Bethpage’s 18

So the Tiger shots posted yesterday had a great response today on Facebook~ I think there is a huge market in Golf Photography! So I thought I would continue where I left off, and post another Tiger shot.

This photo compositionally speaking I really like- out of the frame are thousands of people lining the fairway and the grandstand in the distance… and yet there Tiger walks, alone, dwarfed by the Green, the rough and the sandtrap ahead of him.  Like Michael Jordan, you don’t need to see his face, you know its him. I think this shot evokes the essence of Golf, its not a game played against others, rather it’s a game played against yourself and the elements that make up the course.

Tiger StrideIn the digital darkroom I actually did a number of things to this image.

A) Had to crop it down a bit from the original, Tiger wasn’t actually alone in the out-of-camera shot, so got rid of the guy walking with him through a simple crop. Also used my, of late favorite Photoshop tool- the clone stamp- to get rid of the lower part of the grandstand, I felt the solid wall with the USGA logo was more formidable than the cutoff people sitting in their seats.

B) Used a couple of filters with specific purposes starting with NIK’s Viveza to boost the saturation of the greens, also used it to darken the rough, and lighten the sand-trap, all with the intent of making the photo “pop” abit more, and draw your eye through the frame to Tiger.

C) Brushed on some Glamour Glow (a NIK favorite of mine) – it tends to give a little dreaminess to photos, and I thought the course could use a little dreaminess to it :-). Of course dropped a Darken/lighten center right on Tiger’s back and darkened the border around him.

That’s about it…. let me know what you think. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Tiger on Bethpage’s 18”

  1. I’ve always liked good golf photography. Good golf shots are often a marriage between landscape and portrait photography.

  2. Sweet composition. Great job with the post work as well. It’s difficult to see what you’ve done.

    Also, I imagine you hung back quite a bit while the gallery was racing towards to green… planning and thinking ….

  3. really like this pic… i like walking away shots.

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