Bethpage 15th Hole Painted by Topaz Simplify

There are a number of “paint” programs that will convert a photograph into a painting before your eyes. I’ve used Corel’s painter 4 and now Topaz’s Simplify filter in Photoshop.

The original image was actually full of people on the left hand side of the frame. Thanks to the clone stamp tool and about 30 minutes of time, they were removed (plus an extraneous guy on the right side… and his bag).

After the removal of the peeps, I was going to just ‘pop’ the photo a little bit using a contrast filter, or curves adjustment in CS3. Thought I might try something a little different though… so I selected Topaz Simplify filter and ran the image through it. After chugging a few moments, this was the result.

The 15th Hole, Bethpage Black This was actually one of my last snaps of the morning. The foursome had just teed off and was walking toward the pin at the top left middle of the frame. My eye followed them up the fairway through the traps to that waiting pin in the middle.

…Was wondering what those golfers were thinking walking from the tee-box onto the fairway…

Curious also to know what you think of the “painterly” effect. Worth it? Not worth it? Weigh in with a comment, always interested in the feedback.


OH… P.S. here is the original SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) shot:

Original SOOC 15th


One Response to “Bethpage 15th Hole Painted by Topaz Simplify”

  1. Cool that you can just make people disappear like that… any chance you can make a few annoying others go away for me? 🙂
    I like the paint effect, but trees lose a bit of their natural prettiness and detail. Like it though… bright… wishful thinking on how the grass should look.

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