Time to Update the Equipment List… They’ve ARRIVED!

I think first and foremost I am a landscape photographer. There is something about standing in a place where your heart and mind are just awe-struck by the scene before you, and having the capability to capture that feeling in an image is well, simply put, mind-blowing to me. Makes me wanna get up before sunrise to be at a place during the golden hour and go click, click, click, when most others are just leaving their REM sleep behind.

There are a few things about landscape photography you need to have. 1) Great light 2) A scene worth capturing 3) A Sturdy tripod and support mechanism for your camera.

Now the Nikon D3 is a monster machine. It’s big, and heavy and with a lens attached, its bigger and heavier. I have a Giottos “travel” tripod that I’ve been using the past 2 years. During DLWS Outer banks I noticed a bit of “softness” in some of my images that were taken with my tripod. Problem with that, especially for HDR captures (High Dynamic Range, where you bracket multiple exposures and blend them together using software to capture the shadows and highlights in their entirety) is that the whole image needs to be tack sharp, and when it’s not, it’s just frustrating as hell…

Remember in your image, a viewers’ eyes are drawn first and foremost to white and brightness, next is sharpness, than color.

So… what’s this all mean amd why am I seemingly typing nonsense???

Well UPS delivered my new tripod… A GITZO 3541LS, and a Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead. This is the equivalent to putting your camera on the Rock of Gibraltar. Really. No kidding. The GITZO is the top of the line tripod and anything made by RRS is well, professional grade, all the way. I’m excited to go shoot something. Something in low, low light requiring a really long shutter speed, or an HDR image that will make me smile when it comes through post-processing. I can’t wait for these ugly rainy skies to disappear and get some great clouds and sunrises to go test these puppies out…

It’s an exciting day. Glad you were here to share it with me… 🙂

Serious Hardware


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