Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I missed a terrific photo opp last night to capture some fireworks being shot off in the neighborhood… but I didn’t want to leave Tristan to go set up the gear.. so we soaked in the colorful bursts with a few “ooohss and ahhhs” and then hit the hay.

This shot was taken on an Adorama photowalk with Joe Dimaggio in Lower Manhattan. It’s interesting to try and capture a place that is so well known. I’ve blogged about this before on some of the Brooklyn Bridge photos. You really do have to force yourself to think differently, and figure out what angle or perspective an icon hasn’t been shot from (or at least… not often). So I knew I wanted to get some of the base in the photo, with a 3/4 profile of the Statue. Walked around for awhile until I came to this spot, and snapped.




One Response to “Liberty”

  1. Hey Joseph…..nice click… I’m from India…..& photography is one my interests… Do visit my blog & if you like the clicks then do comment…
    bye for now…

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