Chuckle Patch

Has an impromptu photoshoot in the backyard the other night. We have this great chuckle patch of daisies against our evergreens and they are in full bloom. naturally, with that kind of background i couldn’t resist putting the boys in the middle of it and snapping away. Had an SB900 camera left zoomed to 105mm, and my wife Kathy was holding a Lastolite EZbox with another SB 900 angled over their heads. Probably could have gotten away with just that, but didn’t want the shadows under their eyes (hence the SB zoomed).

My oldest son is going through Loose Tooth Syndrome at the moment, he’s losing his baby teeth in droves. His fronts are super loose (subsequently came out yesterday!) so his smile is a bit subdued. šŸ™‚


Chuckle Patch


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