Strike a Pose!

Back to one of my favorite shooting locations at sunset- West Meadow Beach in Stonybrook. Great view of the sun as it drops to the horizon, can’t ask for a better backdrop. My son Aidan was in party mode (not to mention “throwing rocks wildly mode” as well… :-)) Was using the old McNally method of shooting in Tungsten and shifting the color temp of the off camera flash to orange with a full CTO gel on an SB-900. Played with it through a diffuser as well as flash only (with the plastic diffuser cap on the flash). Was going to grab the Lastolite Ezybox as well, but given the tiredness level of the two models… figured traveling fast and light was a much better option for all involved).

Now, mind you, Aidan is much to young to have Saturday Night Fever, but when he struck this pose, well, laughter erupted from my lips. He sure can work it as they say in the biz. Was thinking of sending this t the folks at the GAP for their next kids’ catalog… šŸ™‚


Aidan: Strike a Pose!


One Response to “Strike a Pose!”

  1. localdrivinglessons Reply July 20, 2009 at 6:12 am

    this is beautiful photo and the colors are really awesome , i like it , keep it up .

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