Las Vegas at Night

Finally the guilt of not shooting while in Vegas got the better of me. Last night dragged my friend Dan around the strip as a scout and trusty assistant to help me find the best location for some shots and HDR work. And I think the place delivered.

I had seen a shot of New York New York done by Trey Radcliff of Stuck In Customs fame and wanted to see if I could render something similar. Set up the new Gitzo 3541 (first time I used it….) across the street at Excalibur and aimed the razor sharp 24-70mm lens at the casino/hotel. Bracketed 5 frames at 1 EV interval brought it into Photomatix and let it churn. Was really happy with the result. Some minor tweaks performed in Photoshop to lower the noise inherent in the DHR process and also amped the colors a little bit. We had really great clouds this week as its Monsoon Season here in Vegas, so they played into some of the images- I do love the way the lights reflect off the low laying clouds and create that ‘sky glow’… although the astronomer in me absolutely winces at the thought of such unchecked light pollution.

Enjoy! More shots to come…The Encore, The Luxor and Excalibur…

 New York New York


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