Las Vegas Skyline

I am still looking for the perfect spot to capture Las Vegas rising from the desert- similar to my New York City image from the harbor, however I haven’t found that perfect spot yet (hint, hint… if you know of it, I would love to shoot from it). But in that quest, I’m trying different locations and isolating specific buildings that you would recognize as being “Las Vegas”… obviously the Stratosphere is such a recognizable building.

Shot this from the top of a parking garage north of downtown Las Vegas around 6pm in 105 degree heat. No surprise there :-). I still struggle with framing an image without too much clutter in the foreground. Vegas has more power lines, billboards, and assorted knick-nacks that you need to get above them to capture an image with a clear POV. I find that shooting across any street, you REALLY have to be paying attention to whats at the edges of your frame, invariably, a traffic light, power line, garbage pail, etc sneaks its way into the picture.


Las VegasOh… a quick aside… make sure when you are in Vegas to dine at Nora’s on West Flamingo (yes behind the Arby’s) highly recommend the Rigatoni Special with Arriabita sauce, garlic bread and house salad… Outrageous!


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