Using a Texture

Goto Google and search Free Textures for Photoshop- you’ll see a ton of results that you can incorporate into your images. Mind you, in a lot of cases you will not want to do overuse or overdo the texture thing. Many wedding photogs use them to give a photo a subtle pop, like everything else in this world, they serve a purpose and when done right can move you to tears with how well they can finish an image. I personally like the old paper textures, or grunge ones, or rusty concrete wall ones… there are thousands, and the more you play with them, the more you’ll get a feel for what they can do, and how they can impact your images.

This image was pretty straight-forward- a quick snap of Aidan at Tristan’s end-of-year baseball trophy ceremony. I liked him tack sharp against a blurred background, felt he stood out nicely, but the image needed a little bit more to make it impactful… turned to a texture I found on flick added it as a new layer in CS3 and worked the image a bit.  I’ve included a snapshot of my layer view so you can see for yourself the steps I took to finish them image.


Aidan with TextureTexture As you can see, a bunch of steps after the texture was applied using Color Efex Pro and Curves- mainly to give the image that soft and dreamy feel under the texture and make Aidan the focus of the image…

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