Luxor Light

Tough to miss the Luxor’s light at night. Rumor has it, pilots can see it from 200 plus miles away and the internet is full of speculation that astronauts can read a newspaper by it (hmmm, at 17,000 mph, I guess you gotta turn pages pretty quickly :-). The Luxor website says its the most powerful beam of light in the world, gets generated by 39 monsterous Xenon lamps and generates 42.2 BILLION candlepower. Not exactly sure what that means, other than that’s a lot of candles and obviously standing anywhere along the strip, if you look up you have to agree, it’s a lot of freakin light.

This image was an HDR composited from 5 bracketed shots taken at the base of hotel, merged using Photomatix Pro.


Luxor Light

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