Field of Dreams

I was inspired to get back into photography after the birth of my first son.

Since then I’ve traveled to the West Coast, shot the Redwoods and the Pacific Coastline- headed east to the Outer Banks, with its fantastic beaches and sunsets. Walked the streets of Manhattan and Las Vegas, and other major cities shooting architecture, icons and breathtaking views. But, it always comes back to my favorite subject… my boys.

My oldest, Tristan is playing summer baseball, and for the first time they are playing by the rules. Balls and strikes called by umpires, 3 outs, and the kids pitch.

It’s great to watch him play. He truly loves the game~ dreams of one day becoming a NY Yankee, and at this point, well anything is possible. I’m glad me and my D3 are along for the ride. I hope these images capture his passion for playing… Enjoy!Tristan Fielding

ReleaseTristan at BatGetting the Sign


One Response to “Field of Dreams”

  1. I loved everyone of them!

    Thats my grandson……………………….

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