A Brief Respite…

It’s sometimes funny when you walk past a scene and it registers that it might make a neat photograph, so you turn the car around and park and look at it for a few minutes. That’s exactly what happened here with this tree… and bench. Seemed to be an image here, but it was a bit chaotic, tough to find a point of view to tell the story of this tangled mess of branches, and a quiet spot to sit and contemplate the forest for the trees in front of you. Tough image to make- doppled sunlight, deep shadows and bright sun spots. Camera sensors, no matter how good, struggle with a scene like this. Did a 5 frame HDR after walking around trying to find an angle that was better than the others… not so much success, but I liked the this tree a lot. I imagine it has seen alot of seasons, has a lot of history to share if it could. So I wanted a capture of it to possibly share one day… and today is that day.

This spot happens to be at the entrance to Jockey Ridge Park in the Outer Banks. Should you find yourself there, have a seat, the trees will enjoy the company.


A Bried Respite

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