A Beautiful View

One of the great things about photographing landscapes is you really do see some majestic scenes that stick with you for awhile (or a lifetime). This is from the park at the Currituck Lighthouse. I posted a shot from the other side of the bridge awhile back and its been a favorite of mine, as is this one, which I recently found as I was reviewing the shots from OBX.

Anyway, this inlet area off the bay is just incredible- the bridge looks like something out of the Hobbit as do the trees on both sides of it. I was half expecting Bilbo Baggins to come floating in and greet me. Just a real neat spot, that makes for beautiful photographs, from any angle.

I plan on printing this one, BIG, this weekend for the portfolio… Can’t wait to see it and touch it on semi-gloss paper.

Enjoy & have a terrific weekend!

A Beautiful View

One Response to “A Beautiful View”

  1. Very nice!!

    How did you get it without any of the other students in there? šŸ™‚

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