Break in the Dunes

Sometimes you have to work for an image. Hard.

Coquina Beach in the Outer Banks is beautiful, but I found myself falling short on composing interesting images when I was there. I struggled for a few hours, until finally, during the last 30 minutes as the sun set, a few shots seemed to come into focus… this was one of them.

Mother Nature contributes a lot here- sometimes she graces you with incredible clouds, and great light. On this occasion the sky was blowing out, grey clouds mixed with white, and light was fairly flat.

Needed some help to make the images pop- turned to Topaz Adjust and Nik’s Color Efex Pro to help the images spark.

Remember, when you are out shooting and nothings coming to you, it usualy means its time to step back and reassess the situation. If the wide shot won’t work, go for detail or vice versa. I find that challenging photographic situations tends to tap your creativity, either in camera or in post a bit more. In the end the image may not work, and well, thats the cost of admission, but when it does… its magic.

Break In The Dunes


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