Bermuda Day 2: Hamilton & Sunset

Headed into Hamilton for he day, shopping, site seeing and shooting here and there. Ended up a the historic Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Was built in 1884, burned down a year later, was rebuilt and finished in 1911. Interestingly enough the pews are made form Indiana Oak. I didn’t have a tripod to shoot steady, it was a bit dark, so I have to go through the images and see what’s what. Would have liked to have done a nice HDR of the Altar area which was beautifully done and lit with light streaming from the upper windows. Will 


Back to Pompano, a little relaxation and then dinner. Kept watching the sky… clouds had moved in over the Island, so was unsure about how sunset would look. Finished the apps, soup, salad and main entree… took a raincheck on dessert (which we came back for later… no questions asked, this place rocks!) and headed down to the beach to shoot an amazing sunset. Glorious colors- deep and light blues, yellows, reds, against pink sand and clear water. Just great stuff.

Shot mostly wide with my 14-24mm lens (which makes shooting sunsets a bit more difficult as a split grad filter will not work on this lens’ scalloped front end), and my 24-70mm. Will be working these images for quite some time- too many to get through last night in post. Here’s one though, shot from the far end of the beach, sun had just dropped below the horizon- it’s ‘afterglow’ was still very present.  

Pompano Sunset


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