Stars Shine Down

Living in NY its tough at times to remember to look up. Problem is, even when you do, the skyglow of the local mall tends to wash out dimmer stars, leaving only the brightest to shine and fight the light pollution (which, eventually, they too will lose). But walk on a balcony in Bermuda for a night, and your world changes. On the advice of my friend Ron Hiner, I did a 15 second exposure at about 3200 ISO with my D3 on a tripod. As Ron explained, any longer and the stars will track in your photo (unless you are going for long-duration trails, this will result in blurry stars).

Standing beneath this canopy of light, you tend to lose the constellations as you know them. There are SO MANY stars that the forms you are accustomed to, fall away, leaving your memory map and eyes a bit disoriented. But the Milky Way in all its gaseous glory is easily recognizable. It stretches far overhead…. the galactic center of our galaxy spinning and whirling and rising and falling as it has since the dawn of time. It’s amazing to see it in such dark conditions.

While the image has a bit of noise, I think it captured the view from our deck. Those three lights are signal buoys in the water to warn oncoming ships of the reef just below the surface… their shimmering light is caught in this long exposure image.

The Milky Way

2 Responses to “Stars Shine Down”

  1. whoa! I’m a star!

    Beautiful shot!


    p.s. wait a minute.. you took my idea to bermuda, but not me?

    pps… as for living in new york, or wherever, I think the very hardest place to shoot is in your own backyard (both literally and figuratively — your town, places you go everyday). Traveling opens up new vistas all the time, and they make great subjects. On my photographic bucket list is to shoot within my backyard and to try to achieve the kind of images I get when I travel. But, all the same, I’d rather go to bermuda πŸ˜‰

  2. I have no problem plagiarizing from a mentor πŸ™‚ And I still have to make the stars pop a bit more, thanks as always for the instruction and learning!

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