I’ll have a Rainbow with my Omelet…

Had spent the morning shooting around the Piomopano Beach Club and Port Royal Golf Course, downloaded a bunch of images and walked down to the ocean grill for some breakfast. No sooner had I palced my omelet order when Kathy points out the window. This amazing low-laying rainbow was hovering right over the water practically laughing at me… so I did the quick calculation… the room was about 100 yards away, could I grab my equipment bag run down to the beach and shoot… HAD TO TRY. BAM! out the door, across the pool, up the stairs (which pocket is my key in????), grab the bag, down the stairs, across the pool area (running now…), down the 50 plus stairs to the beach, open bag, switch from 70-200mm to 24-70mm (want to shoot it wide)… what aperture? F8? F11?, why not? 🙂 Click, Click, Click.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, some of the best photos you grab are spontaneous, unplanned, and just happen. It would have been nice to have the equipment bag with me, but I’ll always remember the backstory to this photograph. I love rainbows, the physics behind them is really neat, and obviously seeing one is one of those moments you always cherish- soemthing about them is magic. I was glad this one didn’t get away.

P.S. Aidan and I went to Starbucks this morning, and sure enough, across the sky, a huge rainbow appeared… didn’t have the gear, but that was ok, was fun to hold him in my arms and point out the colors.

Rainbow in Paradise

One Response to “I’ll have a Rainbow with my Omelet…”

  1. A beautiful photo! Gorgeous.

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