The Magic of Flight

Was at West Meadow beach last night watching the boys hunt hermit crabs, collect shells, and run with wild abandon through the shallow tidal pools. But the seagulls whirling, flying, diving, gliding around and above us really caught my attention. I’ve always been fascinated by flight~ I couldn’t help be taken away by how effortlessly these birds move through the 3 dimensions of air. Sharp turns, hard mid-air brakes, skimming inches above the water while increasing speed- amazing to watch the mechanics of flight look so effortless and easy.

Practiced my panning techniques… would lock onto a gull and track it through the air, shooting wide open with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens (“wide open” means the aperture was set to f2.8, remember this allows for the narrowest depth of field, so your focus has to be tack sharp- it also creates the nicest, creamiest “bokeh” which is the blurred background behind the subject). Took a lot of pictures, haven’t even gone through them all, but here are a few that caught my eye, and hopefully yours.

Enjoy!Master of Flight

Riding the CurrentsSkimming the WaterCatching Air


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