It’s in the Details…

I generally prefer sweeping vistas and larger than life landscapes when I go out and try to capture some images. Something about those views, captured correctly can really pull your heart strings and raise your blood pressure. So its a very different mental approach when you go for detail shots, like this one. Scott Kelby awhile back wrote about how to go out shooting and think differently~ for example, go out looking to shoot a certain color, or shape, or texture. Doing so forces you to look through the viewfinder a little bit differently.

Now I’ve seen similar shots of palm fronds before. So I knew I wasn’t out shooting something amazingly unique, but I did force myself one morning to shoot for detail- windows, roofs, plants, bricks. Just tried to capture close-ups, wide open, and environmental in nature. Truth-be-told, most ended up in the electronic wastebasket, with a quick delete confirmation- they lacked focus and perspective, but I did analyze what I didn’t like about them, and hopefully, I won’t repeat those errors again. 

I do like the repeating pattern, the color, and the intensity of this plants leaves. I think they make for a nice image 🙂


Palm fronds


3 Responses to “It’s in the Details…”

  1. jeesh… I added your blog to my RSS feed.. You are about to hate me for that. But before I rip your picture apart, you should know I’m your second biggest fan. (I reserve first place for your bride). Ok.

    I like the shot… but it would be more interesting if it were off center. That would make it a better picture. But read on please…

    The picture it lacks ‘gesture’ — something I learned from the great Jay Maisel is that a great picture needs a splash of ‘gesture.’ I don’t know what ‘gesture’ is well enough to define it, but I know it when I see it.

    Don’t click yet.. but imagine a group of 4 afgan women who have just voted a couple days ago. All in their burka ‘uniforms’ in tones of sky blue with repeating patterns of lines in the fabric, just like in a palm frond — all looking exactly alike.

    Think about that photo in your mind a moment, then click here…

    So… where did your eye go in that picture? Were you attached to the patterns — or was there something else that caught your eye and immediately pulled your eye away from the patterns?

    Gesture is something that breaks the pattern… and hopefully in a surprising way. In the words of Vinnie Versace… patterns are interesting, but disruptions of patterns are even more interesting.

  2. …Hate it when you are right! And I do have some off center shots I have to finish. And the little girl trick worked. Excellent example to prove and reinforce your point.

    And as you know, I would prefer to be ripped, thats how I learn 🙂

  3. ya, well, when you as frustrated as I am trying to juggle the variables of f-stop, shutter speed, white balance, focus priority mode, metering mode, ISO, and god only knows what else, (and why did Nikon put so many flippin’ buttons on my camera!) just remember to add ‘gesture’ to the mix without spilling your coffee. And on that note, the Starbucks at Crescent City, California opens at 4:30am. I think they win the early riser award. Only prison guards, fishermen, and photogs are up that early. Crescent City has all three.

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