Chutes & Ladders, err, Bridges & Buildings

Going through some of the images from the DUMBO walk in Brooklyn and came across this one. Sometimes a second glance is necessary in order to imagine the ‘finished image’- I’ve been using the Topaz suite of software, and tonight I downloaded Topaz Detail, it’s a sharpening app that when applied, “crispens” an image. I’ve been using Topaz Detail quite a bit on my photos to bring out the contrast and add a bit more pop to them, not always, I think in post-production you begin to identify which tool is applicable to the type of finishing you want… there are times I’ll apply a NIK filter like Darken/Lighten Center (one of my favs!) and that’s it. Image finished. Other times, I’ll stack up the layer masks with level and curve adjustments and various filters… not too often, I don’t like to overdo it.

I’m a firm believer that the “photoshop” portion of the entertainment should be transparent to the viewer (unless you are going for that surrealistic HDR look)

SO, back to the bridges and buildings… I like the lines, the detail in the Manhattan Bridge and how it looms over the buildings. Also like the color of the buildings (thanks Topaz Adjust… oh, just a reminder, be sure to apply Adjust on a separate layer mask and turn the opacity down, most time the colors pop too much!)…


Bridges & Buildings


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