Water’s Edge

I had this image in my head.

Knew I wanted to capture something like it prior to going to Bermuda.

Shot a lot of frames similar to this one, haven’t gone through them all but a couple of observations about taking this kind of shot.

1) Seaweed tends to ruin the picture (had a lot of those where a piece of seaweed would be floating in the frame… nixed most of them, to distracting).

2) The angle of the lens makes a difference- shot this with a 24-70mm, you want to make sure the lens is as perpendicular to the sand as possible.

3) Morning light helps- this was taken around 7am before the sun had really risen- the softer light, makes a difference for pulling out the detail.

4) Balancing the water against the sand… like I said, took a lot of shots, most are heading to the big electronic delete heaven~ the balance between the water and the sand was off.. too much action in the wave… not enough action in the wave… I settled on trying to get a nice defined ‘foam edge’ to delineate the sand from water, but not overly done.

I think this image achieved that goal. Enjoy!

Water's Edge (C) Joseph Rowland 2009

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