Unexpected Little Guest

Shooting in Bermuda is a feast of color and texture. Blues, yellows, pinks, bright whites, along with dozen of variations make the landscape a cornucopia of color before your lens. At times it seems almost overwhelming to frame a scene that doesn’t seem to overwhelming and lacks a story or focus.

I was actually working the blue sky against this “bluer” building and its white clapboard shutters, not paying too much attention to anything else. Snapped a few images, and kept walking.

Later in Post I pulled this image up and thought the odd shadow against the lower shutter was odd- eye moved up ad this little burst of yellow appeared- caught this little unexpected guest on his way to a hot date I guess. He was moving so quickly, my eye never saw him 🙂

I wish these postings were bigger- he’s pretty sharp against the building… hope wherever he was going… it turned out good for him (or her!)


Unexpected Guest (C) Joseph Rowland 2009


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